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IEG Performance – Reducing Your Business Energy Usage

With savings between 10-25% on your business heating bill using patented technology. 

Reduce business energy consumption

Lower your business heating bills opex by over 10%

Fulfil your Scope 1 & Scope 2 reporting obligations

A simple hassle-free process for businesses of all sizes

How we can deliver the savings

The IEG Performance device is a patent-protected device for commercial boilers. This intelligent device is installed on your boiler with no disruption, no intrusive installation and no changes to your existing system.

Instant energy savings
Substantial improvements to system efficiency
Installed with little to no disruption
Cloud-based reporting technology with API integration
Proven reduction in CO2 contribution
More potential savings than any other singularly addressed factor

Instant savings can be made with the device which identifies instances of boiler dry cycling and immediately prevents the boiler from firing up unnecessarily.

A simple device for commercial boilers proven to reduce monthly heating bills by 10-25%

In commercial buildings, 92% of non-electrical consumption is attributed to space heating / hot water. The fundamentals of boiler efficiency are clear: removing dry cycling can contribute a 10-25% saving, more than any other singularly addressed factor.

A device trusted and proven to provide savings and improved efficiency for both Public & Private Sector Companies. Suitable for any size company.

Sidney Sussex College

Following analysis the College installed the devies on 12 boilers. The boilers varied in age and size and there was no downtime to the College’s operations during the installations. Using the 17% savings initially verified, it is estimated the project will payback in 2.1 years, saving the College over £9,500 a year and resulting in avoided CRC costs of over £3,500 over five years. Following installation, energy consumption was reduced by 17%

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

A major project saw the installation of our units in 141 sites throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. This will guarantee minimum savings to RBSG of £240,000 pa (and based on trials as much as £500,000). It will also have a significant impact on the Group’s target to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Installation of intelligent boiler load optimisers at the headquarters of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) the United Kingdom’s qualifying body for Mechanical Engineers has reduced the gas consumption for heating and hot water by 17%, over and above the savings achieved by the recently optimised building management system (BMS). This is equivalent to a reduction in carbon emissions of 25 tonnes pa.

Advanced real-time cloud-based reporting, allowing you to closely track & monitor performance

The device is fully cloud-connected, allowing you to view and extract performance & savings reports from anywhere in the world at the click of a button.

Our cloud platform allows full API integration for you to report key savings data into your internal BI tools. 

Your dashboard will show your boiler fire saves, carbon indicative Saving kg, and your kWh indicative reduction across day, weeks, months, years etc. 

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Is your business meeting reporting obligations and making necessary energy savings?

Average savings 10-25% on monthly heating bill

Fast fitting, no disruption, instant savings

Cloud-based reporting to monitor real-time savings

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