Sustainable, renewable and green energy for businesses

See how we can help you produce long-term reductions to your business energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint

Make the switch to clean energy today. Secure fixed price, lower energy costs from clean energy with no capital expenditure.

Commercial Solar Power

Harnessing the power of your commercial property to create a clean energy flow for your business. Perfect for industrial units, factories and other small to large commercial premises.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With growing concerns surrounding global warming and the future of our planet, a key way to protect our planet is with renewable energy. Businesses taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint are seeing benefits to more than just their energy bills. 

Have you been mis-sold energy?

If you’ve bought energy from a broker in the past, and they haven’t been up-front about their commision, you could be owed 1000s. To find out if you could make a claim, talk to our partners Assured Claims.

Our Commitment to Net Zero

IEG support the worldwide net zero pledge. Let’s see what small changes we can make to achieve this together.