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Welcome To IEG: ‘Sustainability Through Solar’

At IEG, we are committed to providing sustainability through solar for your business. See what sets us apart from the rest!

Written By Billy

March 12, 2024

With our services, we aim to make solar an accessible investment for everybody rather than just a few. With this access, businesses can thrive knowing they will operate under total energy independence.

Offering solar, batteries, and EV charging – your journey to a business run by the sun starts with IEG.

What Can We Offer Your Business?

We offer several different renewable energy options that will propel your business into a greener future whilst boasting various benefits that come as a result of the installation.


Introducing commercial solar to your business has never been easier with our solutions. Gain access to an affordable solar system, with the option to spread the cost, mitigating the need to pay a significant upfront cost.  We utilise the best solar panels, delivering a reliable system with maximum efficiency and longevity.

Steve Pattison, Chairman at Kail & Co. Limited has voiced his praises for his recent solar installation with IEG;

“We were faced with the prospect of seeing our electricity cost more than treble. We also needed to reduce our carbon footprint and solar power was the winning solution.”

IEG can ensure that your solar system will deliver on a range of benefits including:

  • Cutting your business running costs whilst improving your carbon footprint.
  • Attracting environmentally conscious customers to your business.
  • Operating with complete energy independence.

Battery Storage

Making the most of your solar is easier with a battery storage system. Even when the sun goes down you can be confident in knowing that your business will go on running. Our batteries are designed with your business needs in mind, allowing you to release the energy stored when it is needed the most.

  • Pair with solar for even bigger savings on energy bills.
  • Store energy and release it when it is needed most.
  • Intelligent technology allows for smart management.

EV Chargers

Finish off your renewable energy set-up with EV chargers powered by your own generated energy. As the importance of electric vehicles grows, we create charging points that will make this eventual transition easy for businesses across the country.

  • Fast, efficient, and reliable charging.
  • Tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  • Powered by your generated energy.

Why Choose IEG for Your Business Solar?

Our passion and commitment to UK companies sets us apart from the rest. We want the businesses we work with to achieve their green goals, cut down their energy costs and take back control. We take a personal approach with our clients, spending the time to build a professional relationship based on trust and reliability.

Not only will solar reduce energy bills, but the value of your property will rise. Paired with a battery system, your business will fully utilise the energy you generate – ensuring your business pushes on even when the sun is down.

We have payment plans that start from the affordable price of £200 per month, easing the financial stress and making solar accessible to you.

Our nationally located network of installers are ready to make your business solar installation as easy as possible. With a wealth of experience, fully accredited and assessed, these experts are ready for anything.

When you Choose Solar with IEG…

At IEG, your renewable energy journey will be handled with complete care. It is a priority of ours is that customers don’t feel like they are dealing with a computer. We’re passionate about cultivating human-to-human relationships with all of our customers – this is what matters!

We will support you in your solar journey from the beginning to the end. But that won’t be it, we want to make sure your new system is working to its full potential, therefore our follow-up support will ensure that any further assistance you require will be delivered promptly by our team of experts.

Contact us today and take the first steps into your sustainable future.

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