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Solar PV

How can Solar Panels help my business?

Solar Panels are a fantastic solution for businesses of all sizes and come with huge benefits. From reducing your energy bills to minimising your carbon footprint, IEG can help you reap the benefits of solar solutions.

The Benefits of Solar Panels

✅ Reduce your energy bills by up to 20% per year

✅ No up front costs for the project

✅ All maintenace included

✅ Seamless process for your business with no power disruption

✅ A fixed, low energy price for the long term

✅ 100% funding with our range of solutions

Our Three Phase Process

IEG split our onboarding process into three simple phases. You will be able to track the progress of your project throughout and you will be allocated a member of our experienced team to work closely with you throughout. 

Assessment & Consultation

The IEG new business team will carry out the initial process of your enquiry. Here we will be able to assess your recent energy bills, provide you with some indicative savings & PPA estimates.

Survey & Planning

Our development team will visit your business and carry out a full site inspection and design to provide you with full details of the planned installation and agree a timescale. 

Delivery & Installation

We will carry out the installation of your panels with little to no disruption to your business. The installation will be carried out by our experienced team planned well in advance.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

A PPA is an electricity supply agreement for the energy which you produce through your solar panels. This allows businesses to easily switch to a low cost energy solution without any capital expenditure. 

  • A typical PPA term is around 25 years
  • There are no initial maintenance refurbishment or roof upgrade costs
  • The cost of power is fixed and increases annually at the rate of RPI without any industry driven price spikes
  • Monthly invoicing with a breakdown of solar performance
  • Most systems are permitted developments, so no planning permission is required
  • Upon completion of the PPA term, you will have full rights and title for the system
  • The system is insured, monitored and maintained throughout the PPA for FREE

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will my PPA contract be for?

PPA contracts generally last for up to 25 years but we also have buy out opportunities from year 10 onwards.

When energy prices are hiked, will my prices go up to?

No, our PPA contracts are a fixed price throughout and only increase in line with the annual RPI.

Will I have to carry out work/maintenance to my panels?

Throughout the PPA contract, we carry out all maintenance to your panels and we closely monitor performance to identify any needs for repair or investigation.

Will this affect my insurance premium?

The PV system is fully insured by Independent Energy Group at no extra cost. This shouldn’t have any affect on your business premiums but it is worth notifyng your insurers to be sure.

How soon can I get my Solar Panels installed?

The process from enquiry to installation can be as quick as 6 weeks. Please get in touch with one of our team to begin the process today. 

Will I need planning permission?

Any sites below 1MW can be installed as part of Permitted Development Planning Guidelines which means you won’t require planning permission. For larger systems where you do require planning permission, our team carry out the full planning applications and process on your behalf. 

What happens when the PPA ends?

Once the PPA ends, the rights and title will be transferred to you and you will have full ownership of the system. 

What if I want to sell my business?

The PPA contract will be transferred along with the business. We will make this process as simple as possible for everybody involved and sometimes fixed price Solar Power can be attractive for potential business buyers.