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Solar solutions for the healthcare sector.

Keeping the planet healthy with IEG’s solar solutions.


Investing in renewable energy is a smart move for your healthcare business. With IEG, you  can show others how to be more environmentally friendly, save money on energy, and operate sustainably.

Building a sustainable future with IEG.

We are dedicated to helping the healthcare sector embrace renewable energy, ensuring a greener, more sustainable future. Our solar panels, storage batteries, and EV charging points are not just eco-friendly choices; they are smart, budget-friendly solutions designed to slash your energy costs.

Solar panels for sustainable healthcare

Harness the power of the sun to fuel your energy needs. Our solar panels are efficient, durable, and perfect for reducing your carbon footprint, all whilst providing healthcare renewably.

Reliable storage batteries

Compliment your solar setup with our high-capacity storage batteries. They ensure a consistent energy supply, crucial for the day-to-day provision of healthcare.

Future-ready EV charging

Future-proof your business with our EV charging stations. They encourage eco-friendly transportation among staff and your community, helping you to become greener and cleaner in all areas of business.

Solar Panels for Businesses

From our initial enquiry to completion of our install, IEG have held our hand every step of the way.

S Pattison, Chairman, Kail & Co Limited

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Why partner with IEG for your business?

Future-proof your business

Stay ahead of government policies and the net-zero goal by implementing sustainable practices ahead of the deadline.

Budget conscious

Reduce your energy bills and allow your funds the freedom to be allocated to  the areas your business really needs. 

Flexible finance

Affordable, flexible  finance solutions mean we can help you to build a facility which will fit your budget.


Tailored to your needs

Customised solutions that fit your energy requirements, size, and output goals. Our bespoke solutions are made to fit you. 

Get a Free Solar Consultation

Our team are ready to take your call. Get in touch and start your solar journey today.

Commercial Solar Panels

We have access to a range of solar panel systems, meaning we’re fully equipped to help you find the perfect solution for your site.

Solar Batteries

When the sun goes down, a battery storage unit will keep your business up and running, ensuring your independence from the grid.

Trained and Experienced Installers

Our national installer network is fully accredited and assessed. We have a wealth of experience, so you can be confident that your install will go without a hitch.

Simple, Flexible Finance Solutions

Low monthly payments that are structured to meet your needs. Our finance solutions ensure your system works both operationally and commercially.