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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Solar Panels without Capital Expenditure

Working with our funding partners, IEG can ensure that businesses of all sizes can access a solution to install money saving commercial solar power for their premises. One of the ways you can do this is with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Our funding partners undertake an assessment of your recent energy bills to understand the average annual energy usage of your business. We can also calculate your savings so you can see the potential benefits for your business.

How is my installation funded?

Your business will undertake a power purchase agreement. This means that you commit to buying your average annual KW of electricity for a fixed term and this energy is generated through your panels.

Our new business team will work closely with you to help you understand what  PPA looks like for you and how much you could potentially save per year on your business energy bills.

  • A typical PPA term is around 25 years
  • There are no initial maintenance refurbishment or roof upgrade costs
  • The cost of power is fixed and increases annually at the rate of RPI without any industry driven price spikes
  • Monthly invoicing with a breakdown of solar performance
  • Most systems are permitted developments, so no planning permission is required
  • Upon completion of the PPA term, you will have full rights and title for the system
  • The system is insured, monitored and maintained throughout the PPA for FREE

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