Make Your Operation Sustainable with Solar for Business

Written By Billy

March 5, 2024

Sadly, in today’s current energy cost climate, businesses are having to cease operation due to the ever-tightening grasp that energy companies have on them. You and your business may be looking for an answer that can loosen this grip and see your business propelled into a sustainable future.

Solar for business could see you cutting down your energy bills with total energy independence. Your business can boast about sustainability, enhancing your image by showing your customers, employees, and stakeholders the dedication you have to a greener operation.

About Solar Panels for Business

Solar panels are a sustainable energy upgrade that generates electricity from the sun with the option to store the electricity with battery storage for solar. This renewable energy can power your business requirements independently and without the stresses of energy bills and harmful emissions.

Is Solar Power Worth it for a Business?

  • Financial Savings: solar installed on your business roof space will start to cut the cost of electricity and over time, financial relief will begin to present itself. The excess energy you generate can be offset, which in turn could see you getting paid for it. Possibilities such as selling your extra energy to the grid or smaller businesses.
  • Environmental Impact: being a renewable energy source, solar will generate energy without emitting any harmful greenhouse gases. Your carbon footprint will be reduced and you will demonstrate your commitment to your corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • Enhanced Brand Image: proving your commitment to greener solutions will sit well with your customer base, employees, and stakeholders. This is a useful tool to set your business apart from the rest as well as attract any environmentally focused customers.
  • Return of Investment (ROI): over time, you will begin to see how well your investment in solar is performing. You can work ROI out by calculating the upfront cost with your long-term savings made by paying less on energy bills and earnings on any excess energy generated.
  • Energy Storage: a business with sole night operation can benefit greatly from solar. Generating electricity throughout the day ensures your business has the required power for when operations begin later in the day.

Battery Storage for Solar

Battery storage systems unlock the potential for storing and using your generated energy when it is needed most. So for businesses that operate at night, as we mentioned earlier, this would be the perfect investment.

They can store energy and release it at the most appropriate times whilst also determining when the energy release should stop. Using this energy during the national grid’s peak time decreases the electricity demand, resulting in lower monthly energy bills.

How Can IEG Help with Your Solar Investment?

With a focus on helping UK businesses achieve their green ambitions and money-saving goals. Our packages are unique to each business with various financial options to suit your business.

Offering affordable payment solutions, we aim to make the decision-making process as easy as possible. With finance packages from £200 a month, solar for your business has never been easier!

Business owners have felt the wrath of energy suppliers for far too long – it is time to take back control.

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