Little Miracles Children’s Charity Saved by Solar: It Could Be You Too.

little miracles charity

Written By Billy

June 17, 2024

Little Miracles Charity, located in Peterborough, has announced they save around £15,000 a year from the donated solar panels they have received via donation.

The charity helps children who need it most, gain access to much-needed care; children who require additional needs, and those living with life-limiting conditions, and disabilities.

Help Costs

All this help costs though, and their yearly energy bills are an astronomical £20,000. This is not an easy price to pay for anyone, and the impact of this price is starting to show:

“…the reality is if we can’t pay the gas and electric then we can’t open.”

Little Miracles Spokesperson

Such absolute statements display the grim reality many charities across the country face regarding energy bills.

Little Miracles Charity Now Need Help

Thanks to the roof size and volume of solar panels installed, she estimates that £15,000 a year would shave off their usual annual costs, leaving them with £5,000 to spare. These kinds of savings allow charities to help even more families, something the large energy companies don’t seem to have time for.

Get the Help You Need Today with Solar and be Like Little Miracles Charity

During the current energy market crisis, many charities are facing a triple threat, typically during the winter months.

Back in winter 2023, it was predicted that 1 in 5 charities could stop operations during the cold months because of the cost of living crisis.

The NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) stated that lower incomes, higher costs, and increased demand are the three factors putting charities at major risk. Many vital costs had risen in a year with energy bills being up by 68%.

Go Solar

As a charity, you could be facing similar price rises. If you go solar with IEG, you can greatly impact the energy prices you are facing.

Thanks to the reliable and predictable source of energy, solar will reduce your reliance on the grid, alleviating the rise of energy bills.

With our battery storage solutions, you can even store your energy, saving it for when it is most needed.

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