How Can Solar Energy Benefit Your Care Home?

Written By Toni

March 12, 2024

Keeping residents warm and well when outside temperatures drop usually means incurring eye watering energy costs. But did you know that installing a care home solar system could help to lower fuel bills not just in winter…but all year round? 

It comes as no surprise that winter is the season that hits residential homes the hardest financially. Care home managers are constantly striving to balance high energy bills while still meeting the healthcare needs of their clients.

It goes without saying that the well-being of your residents and families is your utmost priority. So, wouldn’t it be good to be able to cut down on energy costs and spend your budget in other more worthwhile areas of care instead?

What are the benefits of a solar energy system?

A solar energy system paired with a battery storage unit can keep residential businesses running day and night. It can greatly decrease the need to purchase from the National Grid – and sometimes can even eliminate this cost entirely!

Extra electricity generated during the day can be stored inside batteries and used at times when there is no sunlight, such as on cloudy days or at night. It can also be used during power cuts. 

Enhanced energy security

A renewable energy system ensures you no longer need to worry about extreme weather conditions, unreliable Grid supplies and power shortages. This guarantees that your residents will get the essential medical care they need and your care home can maintain a stable temperature. You will have peace of mind knowing that even in the most chaotic situations – your clients’ well-being will be completely taken care of!

Do care homes get help with energy bills?

According to the ONS Environmental Accounts – residential businesses such as care homes are among the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the UK. To help lower co2 emissions, the UK Government is actively encouraging a renewable energy rollout within the care home sector. 

From 1st February 2024, residential accommodation businesses installed with energy saving materials such as solar panels are entitled to 100% VAT exemption. Any business investing in ECO assets can also claim 100% first year tax allowance. Also called ‘enhanced capital allowances’ – this allows the full cost of solar equipment to be deducted from your profits before paying any taxes; so it really does pay to lower your carbon footprint!

Solar energy systems also offer financial benefits like Feed-In Tariff and Smart Export Guarantee schemes. These allow businesses to sell energy back to the National Grid – which provides additional financial support for your business and residents. Please note, you should contact your individual energy supplier for further information about these schemes. 

Future financial benefits

Did you know that installing a solar electricity system could give you an edge if you decide to sell your business in the future? Care homes are renowned for expensive energy bills because of the huge amount of energy needed for heating, cooling, lighting, and medical equipment. Using renewable energy systems can lower overheads. So, you can save money and make your business more appealing to potential buyers!

Sustainability in care

In a world where we’re all being encouraged to make sustainable changes to our lifestyles; installing a solar energy system sends out an important message to your existing and potential care home residents – you care about the environment they live in and take pride in the care you provide! 

At IEG, we’re passionate about supporting those who care for others. Contact us today and let us take care of you and your solar energy journey!

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