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Corporate Social Responsibility

Other ways that Solar Panels can benefit your business

Aside from the key financial and ethical benefits of solar panels, there are an increasing number of additional benefits which are integral to your Corporate Social Responsibility. Customers, suppliers and employees will see the steps that you as a business have taken towards protecting the future of our planet.

Additional Corporate Benefits

✅ Improve your public image by taking a huge step in protecting the future of our planet

✅ A proven contributing factor for customer and business choices is clean green energy

✅ Attract forward thinking and ethically focused team members to your business

✅ Add substantial value to your business with an important asset and selling point for your company

✅ Improved relations with staff, suppliers and customers

Get Ahead of the Competition

As a business with a clean, green energy supply, you are joining a small group of future focused businesses who have made a pledge and dedication to do their bit for the future of the planet. Research for both buyers in B2B and B2C markets and we found that clean energy pledges can be a contributing factor during a decision and comparison stage. By introducing solar power to your business, you could be gaining a substantial competitive advantage along with the key financial and ethical benefits.


  • Can improve your relationship with banks and finance providers as they also make steps towards a clean future
  • Businesses need a carbon reduction roadmap in order to bid for Government tenders for above £5 million
  • Influencing consumer decisions for future years to come

Your Pledge in Numbers


Importance to Employees

90% of Millennials believe it is important they work for a sustainable company, compared to 84% of Gen Xers and 77% of Baby Boomers


Importance to Buyers

33% of consumers are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are committed to having a positive social and environmental impact


Marketing Advantage

21% of consumers said they would actively choose to purchase from brands if they made their sustainability credentials clearer on their packaging and in their marketing

How this could affect the financial future of your business

Extensive research and conversation with key financial figures suggest that future access to finance may prove to be more difficult for businesses without a net zero focus.

There are no commercial energy price caps and without a sustainable fixed energy solution such as solar panels with a PPA, you can rely on a fixed energy tariff for the next 25 years. This will allow for a fixed term projection for energy expenditure, which will be a key benefit for banks and financial institutions. It will also provide added security for lenders to see that you are future proofing your business with key competitive advantages and a demonstrable pledge for the future of your business.