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Calucate Business Solar Panel Savings

Businesses in the UK can potentially save millions over time on their energy bills when introducing solar panels. By producing and harvesting your own energy, not only do you reduce your carbon emissions but you can also make substantial savings. 

Whilst the set up costs can be expensive, IEG work with financing partners to introduce power purchase agreements

Power Purchase Agreements are made between the commercial energy user and the finance provider who use that energy commitment to guarantee the cost of the supply and installation of the solar panel systems. 

The team at IEG can work closely with our customers to review your annual electricity bills and calculate the potential savings to be made by introducing Commercial Solar Power for your business. 

Once we have the figures for your annual average energy usage, we can provide an indicative idea of what would be included as part of a power purchase agreement. 

Why not get in touch with one of the IEG team today to discuss your potential savings.